news: Women
Piano Sales
Musical Merchandise Review Magazine:
     "3 out of 5 top sales women sell Wyman Pianos":

December 16, 2007

View this article from the September 2007 MMR Magazine by clicking here.

omen who excel at selling
pianos share a lot: smarts,
a passion for the business,
a love of the piano, and the
belief that being a woman is definitely an
advantage in this game. Just listen to their
    "I find great delight in being kind of Ďmusical
matchmakerí" says Theo Boylan of Piano Distributors
in Florida. "I put customers and pianos together
for a fulfilling relationship."
    They also share one other thing: they arenít really
sure why there arenít more of them.
    "I have no idea!" replies Nancy Docksey
of Denver-based Onofrio Piano when asked
why there isnít more of her gender matchmaking
people and pianos in this manner.
Others, however, point out that itís hard
work, long hours, and a tough gig for
young mothers.

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