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Wyman CD Player Pianos: the Wise Choice!
Now available as an option on all Wyman grand piano models, this new player piano system features user-friendly controls and an unobtrusive trim-line design, as well as proprietary innovations in player piano technology. DSP based auto-calibration, true reproduction of expression levels, and improved note repetition are among the notable innovations that set Wyman CD apart from traditional player piano suppliers.

The Wyman CD Player Piano System reads and plays multiple music software formats from all major vendors, including the impressive recordings now available from Web Only Piano. Wyman CD is an "open platform" that is able to "learn" new formats with simple firmware upgrades. Finally, the all new Wyman auto-calibration system actually "listens" to the piano and performs automated calibration, resulting in Wyman CD's ability to play very softly without any loss of audio fidelity or acoustic expression.

Wyman Piano, Pianoforce Player Piano System & Grand Piano Demos Featured on YouTube™

Features and Benefits:
  • Factory Installation: Insures precise, high quality installation customized for each Wyman Grand Piano model.
  • Large CD Library: Will read and play QRS™, *PianoDisc™, and WebOnlyPiano™ libraries, satisfying every musical taste.
  • Remote Controller: Easy to use IR remote with large buttons and easy to read graphics.
  • Small CD Player Profile: Almost invisible, non-obtrusive unit does not take away from the beauty of the piano.
  • Musical Expression: Captures all the musical expressions of the original performing artist, including vocalist, orchestra and band.
  • Directional Speaker: 100 watt RMS speaker directs sound out and away from the piano, rather then straight down.
  • Sustain Pedal Movement: In addition to the keys moving during playback, the sustain pedal moves up and down as if the piano is being played "live."
  • Line Input: Left and right input can be used to connect external audio sources to the player unit (MP3 or I-Pod).
  • Auto Play: Insert a CD and the Wyman Player will automatically play.
  • Preset Master Volume Control: Allows for convenient instant global volume changes.
  • Random Shuffle Play: Will randomly select and play selections from the CD.
  • Factory Calibration: State-of-the-art factory calibration assures the Wyman Player System plays a wide range of dynamic expression, including the ability to play very softly.
  • Firmware Upgradable: This unit can easily be updated to read new formats and update features.
  • Warranty: 2-year parts, 1-year labor.

    *PianoDisc™ non-encrypted CD’s only.

  • In an effort to bring the best CD Player System to market, Wyman reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

    WYMAN - pianoforce™ Performance
    Factory Installed Player Piano System

  • User friendly simple operation with integrated online help
  • Internet enabled: Your music library is the World
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi wireless* Internet access
  • Auto download of songs and libraries from Internet
  • Home automation and PC connectivity via network
  • Internal music library and 256MB - 8128MB* storage
  • USB ports for unlimited external storage
  • General MIDI synthesizer with silent piano*
  • Playback of MIDI, WAV, OGG, MIDI to Audio Sync and
    MP3* files
  • Optical digital audio output
  • Multiple playback sources, song lists
  • Scheduler - plays songs or play list at pre-programmed time
  • Superb expression and dynamic, high repetition rate
  • Service features - remote diagnostics, updates via Internet
  • Excellent low volume playback
  • Factory installed
  • Unprecedented value
  • Small, Smart and Stylish!
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    Colusa, CA 95932 USA

    In an effort to bring the best player piano system to market, Wyman Piano Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
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    Wyman Piano: America’s new piano value leader!

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