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Introducing the Wyman Piano Company

Wyman Piano Company is a well established piano venture created by experienced former Baldwin executives with more than 60 years combined piano industry experience. These new Wyman instruments feature proprietary cabinet designs, including classic grand piano styling. All Wyman models are based on proven German scale designs, and are manufactured in our state of the art factory in Asia. The Wyman factory has produced pianos since 1949, and now has an annual output that exceeds 50,000 pianos per year. Wyman USA executives make frequent trips to the factory to personally discuss production plans, monitor products in process for quality, and inspect finished instruments. This collaborative effort across international boundaries is key to fulfilling the Wyman promise of quality and value.

Since the company's inception, Wyman distribution has grown to include significant key accounts across the U.S.A., as well as in the U.K., Germany, and Japan. Wyman is an active participant in the Piano Manufacturers Association International and its educational arm National Piano Foundation, supported by key piano manufacturers to further develop piano playing in America and elsewhere. Wyman Piano Company actively supports key industry organizations such as the Piano Technicians Guild and the National Association of Music Merchants by exhibiting at their conventions each year, among others. Wyman has also been an active participant in the international Musikmesse Trade Fairs held each year in Frankfurt, Germany and Shanghai, China.

Introducing the Wyman Pianoforte

Today's discerning customer is searching for the right combination of quality and value. In response to that demand, Wyman Piano provides a full line of upright and grand pianos. These acoustic instruments are available in a wide selection of sizes and finishes, ranging from our sleek 42.5" continental vertical to the classic, elegant 6' 3" grand. They are manufactured to exacting standards under the watchful eye of our experienced team, and are available at prices that make them both appealing and affordable.

Experienced musicians and students alike will appreciate the pleasing tone and responsive action of these beautiful instruments. To ensure quality of tone, Wyman pianos incorporate several proven and unique construction elements, such as the 19-ply Wyman wrestplank and the TriPhonic™ cantilevered bass bridge, that ensure solid tuning stability and maximize sound transmission.

The full range of style and finish options allow the discerning customer to find just the right model for their home, business, place of worship, or school. Finish selection varies by model, from Traditional Polished finishes in Ebony, Cherry and Mahogany to American Country Gallery Oak, French Provincial Sable Cherry or, by special order, grands in a truly beautiful Polished Snow White. Vertical pianos are produced in a variety of cabinet styles to blend with any home's décor, ranging from the contemporary to the traditional. The classic shape and styling of Wyman grand pianos convey a sense of timeless elegance.

Music is the universal language of culture and beauty that spans international boundaries. What better way to bring that culture and beauty to life than with a Wyman Piano?

Why Wyman - Here's Why!

Beauty of Appearance
Wyman vertical pianos come in an exciting array of quality styles and finishes to meet every need, from practical designs and small entry-level instruments to larger professional studio upright models. The Wyman polished finishes are as durable as they are beautiful, adding beauty and style to any décor. The new Wyman American Designer Collection models feature beautiful satin finishes in popular sizes and designs for today's casual American lifestyle.

Wyman grand pianos offer classic grand piano styling in a number of popular colors and finishes. The traditional shape of the modern grand piano instantly conveys a sense of timeless elegance. The durable burnished finish is easy to care for and will maintain its beauty for a lifetime. Grand pianos are classic in shape and unique in their character, and these beautiful instruments will add much to surrounding décor. Wyman grand pianos speak elegance in a very eloquent way!

Musical Performance
The exclusive Wyman TriPhonic™ soundboard utilizes three layers of fine spruce whose grains are positioned at prescribed angles for optimum tone projection and durability. Wyman treble bridges are constructed of hard rock maple and efficiently transmit the string vibrations directly to the soundboard. The spruce ribs mounted on the rear of the soundboard are notched into the liner, providing additional strength and support to maintain the precise crown of the soundboard, as well as distributing string vibrations across the most vibrant part of the soundboard for optimum musical tone projection.

Wyman grand pianos feature the exclusive Wyman TriPhonic™ cantilevered bass bridge. The cantilever design allows bass string vibrations to be transferred to a more vibrant area of the soundboard away from the liner. In addition, the Wyman TriPhonic™ bass bridge apron and runner are cut into three separate and distinct sections allowing for maximum sound transmission and bass response.

Wyman instruments feature treble strings made from the finest high-grade Roslau music wire from Germany, providing clear, bell-like piano tone in the treble. Wyman bass strings are wound with solid copper windings to provide deep, rich bass tone characteristic of larger instruments.

Wyman pianos feature premium Yumei hammers that are made from fine 100% virgin wool and are individually wire stapled to maintain their precise shape. This assures consistently beautiful piano tone across the full range of the keyboard, ensuring years of musical pleasure for the player as well as the listener.

Wyman pianos also feature premium Yumei piano actions that are constructed from premium quality hard rock maple, a fine quality wood that is very dense, hard and durable - the same natural material used in pianos that cost several times the cost of your new Wyman piano. Hard rock maple provides the dimensional stability needed to keep your new piano action playing smoothly and freely for a lifetime of trouble-free musical enjoyment.

Durability Features
All Wyman instruments utilize a select seasoned spruce key design for strength and durability that will not warp or twist to cause problems that develop in lesser quality brands. Wyman key tops are made from a durable white acrylic resin material that will not yellow or otherwise discolor. The "smile" of your Wyman piano will always be the same bright white color as the day it was delivered to your home!

The smooth heavy metal plate used in the Wyman piano is made from gray cast iron using a meticulous sand casting process. This process creates a very thick and durable plate that is essential for tuning stability. The sand cast Wyman plate is musically inert and does not interfere with the musical performance of the piano.

The 19-ply Wyman wrestplank is constructed from hard rock maple, the finest material available. The grain orientation of each wrestplank ply is placed at prescribed angles to hold each tuning pin firmly. Wyman tuning pins are thread cut and chromium plated for durability as well as an attractive appearance.

The 19-ply Wyman wrestplank, the thick and sturdy Wyman sand cast iron plate, and the wooden back frame all work together to provide outstanding tuning stability over the life of your Wyman piano. Tuning stability translates into added musical enjoyment from a better sounding piano.

Wyman instruments feature pedals made from solid cast brass. Solid brass will maintain its beauty over the life of the piano: no unsightly "wear throughs" with use over time. All Wyman vertical pianos feature a mute rail for softer play during practice.

Wyman Tradition
Wyman instruments continue a long tradition of piano making, incorporating proven German scale designs with popular Continental, Classic and American furniture styling second to none. Only the finest materials, natural wood products and veneers are used to construct today's quality Wyman Pianoforte instruments. Wyman's experienced team with over 90 years of piano industry experience is committed to superior customer care and satisfaction, a Wyman tradition.

The musical scale of the Wyman piano is defined as the sum of all parts that contribute to the musical performance of the piano. Because Wyman pianos only use the world's finest materials, the result is an exquisite instrument of uncommon quality and value, an instrument that will provide enduring beauty and musical enjoyment for you and your family for many years to come!

Wyman Feature Benefit Summary Table
Quality cabinet construction
Timeless styles and finishes
Wyman TriPhonic™ spruce soundboard
Hard Rock Maple treble bridges
Wyman TriPhonic™ bass bridge
Treble strings: Roslau™ music wire
Solid copper wound bass strings
Premium Yumei™ climatized seasoned spruce keys
Acrylic resin white key-tops
Premium Nippon™ felt wire & stapled hammers
Premium Yumei™ Hard Rock Maple action parts
Inert sand cast plate
19-ply Hard Rock Maple Wyman wrestplank
Chromium plated tuning pins
Thread cut tuning pins
Solid brass cast pedals
Mute rail
Wyman 10-year transferable warranty
Lifetime Soundboard warranty
Lifetime beauty of appearance
Classic beauty enhances room decor
Enhances the beauty of the piano's tone
Maintains superior tonal quality
Superior bass resonance
Clear, bell-like tone
Superior bass resonance
No warping or splitting
Will not yellow or discolor
Retain shape for consistent piano tone
Smooth, free working piano touch
Superior tuning stability & strength
Superior tuning stability & strength
Beauty of appearance, no rusting
Superior tuning stability
Beauty of appearance & strength
Soft piano sound for practice sessions
Customer assurance of satisfaction
Customer assurance of satisfaction

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