news: April 2006 Music Trades
Wyman Piano CD Player System Featured in April Music Trades Magazine

April 22, 2006

The following appears in the April 2006 Music Trades Magazine.

WYMAN PIANO COMPANY introduced the innovative new Wyman CD Player Piano System at the recent NAMM show in Anaheim. Now available as an option on all Wyman grand piano models, this new system features popular user-friendly controls and an unobtrusive trim-line design, as well as proprietary innovations in player piano technology. DSP-based auto-calibration, true reproduction of expression levels, and improved note repetitiion are among the notable innovations.

The Wyman CD Player Piano System reads and plays multiple music software formats from all major vendors, including the impressive new recordings available from Web Only PIano. Wyman CD is an "open platform" that will always be able to "learn" new formats with simple firmware upgrades. The all-new Wyman auto-calibration system actually "listens" to the piano and performs a high precision DSP-based automated calibration, resulting in Wyman CD's ability to play very softly without any loss of audio fidelity or acoustic expression.

"Our new Wyman CD system sets us apart from all of the traditional player piano suppliers," stated Tim Laskey, Wyman president. "With its powerful, directional speaker system and onboard state-of-the-art calibration capability, the Wyman CD player system truly performs." George Benson, national sales manager, commented, "Factory installation of the new Wyman CD Player Piano System ensures superior quality and value, affording Wyman dealers a greater profit margin at an even more attractive retail price. When combined with the quality sound of the Wyman grand piano, the Wyman CD Player Piano System is truly an impressive value."

All player piano systems have common features and components; however, the innovative designers of the new Wyman CD Player Piano System have crafted this new products without reliance upon protected intellectual property.

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