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2006 Frankfurt Musikmesse Trade Show

July 2, 2006

For the past three years, Wyman executives Tim Laskey and George Benson have attended the Frankfurt Musikmesse trade show held annually in Frankfurt, Germany each spring. Like its counterpart NAMM in the United States, the Frankfurt Musikmesse trade show is worldwide in scope, but is more specifically geared to the European market.

Here are some interesting facts about the 2006 Musikmesse:
  • 2006 attendance was 101,200; more than 10,000 above the 2005 Musikmesse.
  • Music products manufacturers from 51 countries were represented at the event.
  • There were 1,561 music exhibitors; a 5% increase from the 2005 Musikmesse.
  • Most of the 35,790 foreign guests from 120 countries (up 16.1% from the 2005 Musikmesse) came from Europe, including the Benelux countries, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, and France.
  • 65,376 visitors to the Musikmesse (up 6.8%) came from Germany.
  • According to George Benson, Wyman national sales manager, "With Wyman pianos now appearing in Europe, China, Mongolia, and Japan, the annual Frankfurt Musikmesse is an increasingly important venue for the Wyman Piano Company."

    "Wyman Piano has become worldwide in scope over the last few years, and by attending important music trade shows such as the Frankfurt Musikmesse, more are hearing about Wyman Piano, allowing our global position to grow," said Tim Laskey, Wyman president.

    Pictures from the 2006 Frankfurt Musikmesse: (will open in new windows)
    Musikmesse Trade Show 1
    Musikmesse Trade Show 2
    Musikmesse Trade Show 3
    Musikmesse Trade Show 4
    Musikmesse Trade Show 5
    Musikmesse Trade Show 6
    Musikmesse Trade Show 7
    Musikmesse Trade Show 8
    Musikmesse Trade Show 9
    Musikmesse Trade Show 10
    Musikmesse Trade Show 11
    Musikmesse Trade Show 12


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